Message From Chairman

RAMW is a leader in the construction, real estate and hospitality development with a track record spanning more than forty years. We started in 1969 as a construction company with a team of dedicated, hardworking and talented engineers. Many years of innovative and hard work helped establish RAMW as a leader in the construction industry with a diverse portfolio of complex and prestigious projects for both governmental and private sectors.

Our business strategy and market outlook were well tailored to the needs of the developing Egyptian market in the years to follow and we succeeded in expanding RAMW to multiple and diverse companies with expertise in both real estate and hospitality sectors.

The secret for our success has been our commitment to quality, value, and superior customer service. We gained the trust of our clients through our long track record in the market and our know-how of the most innovative building solutions.

After so many years of successes, we still continue our journey and aspire to expand to more markets in the future.

Eng. Roshdy El Sharkawy,